Xbox Live status error 807b0193: How to fix and watch Netflix

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How to fix the Xbox Live error 807b0193 to access Netflix and watch Stranger Things season 3.

Xbox boasts an array of great apps such as the ITV Hub for dolts who enjoy the television equivalent to junk food, Love Island, but its most attractive partner for the people who use the system as a TV rather than a games console is undoubtedly Netflix. Unfortunately, a large number of PlayStation virgins have complained about not being able to access Netflix or Hulu because of the nasty error 807b0193 not being a fan of great series such as Stranger Things.

So, to stop you from pulling all your hair out, here's a few recommendations for how to resolve error 807b0193 so you can go back to Netflix and chilling.

Xbox Live status error 807b0193: How to fix and watch Netflix

Xbox error 807b0193 is a b*stard people have complained about seeing when trying to load or download apps such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.

Before throwing a barmy and cursing your parents for making you exist, though, you'll first want to confirm your connection to Xbox Live.

You can do this by running the network connection test on your console. Although the error appears to predominantly affect Xbox 360 users, on your Xbox One go to Settings, All Settings, Network, and Network Settings where any known outages will appear in the middle of the screen.

Then select Test Network Connection to see if your console connects to Xbox Live.

As for Xbox 360, select Settings, System Settings, Network Settings, and then select the name of your wireless connection. Once you've done that, select Test Xbox Live Connection.

Also check the status of Xbox Live by clicking here.

Unfortunately, the issue might not be as simple as merely ensuring you can connect to Xbox Live.

Something that might work is restarting or performing a full power cycle on your console. You do this by turning your console off through holding the Xbox button on the front of the system for 10 seconds.

Then you simply turn your console back on by pressing the system's Xbox button or the Xbox button on the controller.

A last resort is factory resetting your console, but I'd recommend contacting Xbox support before committing to that act.

However, before you age by twenty years and develop grey hair and wrinkles by trying to contact Xbox support, you should first know that there's a possible workaround for error 807b1093 to watch Netflix and Hulu.

User NY BLACKHEART over on the Microsoft forums for Xbox notes that they've been able to work around the intrusive error on Xbox 360 by selecting Settings, Account, and Download History, and then by choosing the app and Play Now.

If this still doesn't work, then you'll either have to patiently wait for Xbox to sort themselves out, or you'll need to contact Xbox Support.

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