Twitch streamer Methodjosh has been banned permanently from the site for over a week now but we still don’t know the reason why

It’s been nearly a week since Twitch streaming star Methodjosh was banned indefinitely from posting content to the site.

Speculation has been rife about why Josh was banned by the site ever since.

But just why was Methodjosh’s channel banned by Twitch?

Who is Methodjosh?

Methodjosh is, or should that now be was, a video game streamer and content creator on the site Twitch.

You can still find the link to Methodjosh’s Twitch channel but the page itself doesn’t load any content thanks to the ban. 

Josh built his following of dedicated fans thanks to his relentless World of War content, earning him the ranking 13th highest World of Warcraft streamer on Twitch, until he was banned from the site that is.

The streamer had earned a controversial reputation, as most seem to do these days, for his interaction with women and underage girls and was mentioned in relation to an investigative report from Kotaku back in February 2019.  

Why was Methodjosh banned?

When the news broke that Methodjosh had been banned indefinitely from Twitch, fans of the streamer cried out for a reason behind the dismissal.

And yet, in the email Josh received from Twitch, there was no reason listed for the ban other than breaking community guidelines.

A week later and there is still no official reasoning behind the dismissal. 

Josh did come out following the news, claiming that the ban was ‘unexpected‘ but did not go into the reasons for the ban.

As a result, this has led to many speculative theories about why Methodjosh was banned, more on which can be found in Dot Esports‘ coverage of the news, but they still don’t offer up a definitive reason as to why the ban has been enforced. 

Will we ever find out the reason why Methodjosh was banned? Who knows?

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