What year is Stranger Things season 3 set in? Duffer Brothers set the scene!

Stranger Things season 3 2019

We're loving the eighties vibes, but what year is Stranger Things season 3 set?

It's back, and once again we're reminded that there's no place like Hawkins, Indiana. Back in 2016, the Duffer Brothers graced Netflix with a nostalgic and exciting new series; the one-and-only Stranger Things

When we first checked in with Mike, Eleven and the gang, they were just kids. However, as the series has progressed, they too have grown. Now, we've arrived upon season three, accompanying these wonderful characters as they brave teenage transition and more monstrous forces. 

Season two introduced some great new faces who are explored further this season, but as it attempts to juggle more, has it hit a snag?

Stranger Things season 3 2019

Back and better than ever!

Absolutely not! Although the repetitious nature of the show makes some moments feel a little too familiar, the characters, set-pieces, action sequences, intensity and charm of Stranger Things have never been better. 

We've followed the majority of these characters for a while now, and we're more invested than ever. There are so many great moments, as well as a myriad of references for the eighties enthusiasts out there. 

For those who find themselves scanning the background for posters and era-signifiers, it's worth noting when it's set. 

What year is it set?

This season takes place in the Summer of 1985 as the town approaches its Fourth of July celebrations. 

The second season took place in October 1984, which allowed the episodes to truly embrace an enticing Halloween aesthetic. So, essentially we pick up about eight months after the events of the previous season. 

A crucial part of the show's charm is its adoration of popular culture, with music and movies playing a particularly important role in inviting audiences into the past. If this is one of the reason's you're into it, you won't be disappointed...

Stranger Things at the movies

Throughout the season, there are some amazing references to such classics as Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The NeverEnding Story, Alien, Evil Dead, The Terminator and many more. 

However, there's a moment which sees a group of characters hide out in the cinema while a delighted, packed-out audience bask in the glory of Back to the Future for the first time. It's a pretty magical moment, but if you look around, posters and cinema showtimes enrich the experience. 

Seeing the names of such 1985 movies as Ron Howard's Cocoon and cult-horror The Stuff - a clear influence - darted around just makes it so much more fun for film fans. 

Keep your eyes peeled, there's a lot to take in. 

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