Making my GF play Love Island The Game to see if she coupled up with 'me'

Love Island The Game season 2 - Fusebox

We put one poor girl through a rigorous experiment, making her play Love Island The Game to see if she coupled up with someone similar to her real life boyfriend.

Fusebox's Love Island The Game is one of the most popular mobile downloads on Apple iTunes and the Google Play Store right now.

The concept is simple; you play as a character on ITV's Love Island TV series, looking to form romance and friendships through virtual interactions and answering multiple choice questions.

What is slightly more complicated, however, is HITC's cunning plan to feed into the mind of the Love Island game players.


Love Island The Game season 2 - Fusebox


We asked 'Subject 1' - the girlfriend to one of our writers - to play the game. She then sent us screenshots from her playing time, as we convinced her that the images were needed for a media album and not an article.

Now, armed with hardcore evidence and the leverage to ruin a relationship, we were able to work out if Subject 1 coupled up with someone similar to her boyfriend while also exploring how she portrayed herself.

Did she create a genuine account of herself? Or did she use the game to act totally different and couple up with a much hotter boyfriend?

Let the games begin...

Research results and discussion

First off, we had to examine the overall look and somewhat sultry outfits that Subject 1 put together. In other words, she's a lot more revealing when it comes to mobile games!

While Subject 1 based the foundations of her Love Island character on her own looks, with the same colour hair and eyes, her look was altered by significant style changes that she perhaps sees as too bold to flaunt in real life.

While we don't want to publicly psychoanalyse her (too late), Subject 1 never wears leopard print and rarely likes to put that much cleavage on show.

Who you fooling bae...

Love Island The Game season 2 - Fusebox

Easily the most ridiculous aspect of Subject 1's AI character was her decisions in the face of adversity.

Here, she'd definitely burst into tears and call me for a 10-minute sob. Obviously, on the game, she clicked the "I'm OK with that" button and went about her business feeling as sassy Beyonce.

Really, she's playing the game in bed while wearing Stranger Things PJ's. Or maybe even on the loo.

Love Island The Game season 2 - Fusebox

According toSubject 1's Love Island character, it's all about silky gowns and teasing cleavage. 

Yes, it's only a game, but it's hard not to get jealous over Rocco and his carved abs as multiple screenshots see this creep request to get "a little intimate".

Rocco has wavy long hair. Mine is short. Rocco has a beard. I am clean shaven.

In fact, the only similarity between Subject 1's choice of Rocco and me is that we both share a s**t tattoo.

But I'm not sure if that's a compliment.

Love Island The Game season 2 - Fusebox


In real life, you would describe Subject 1 as kind, innocent, sweet and shy.

On the Love Island game, however, she's sassy, confident and immediately cracking on with someone else's boyfriend the moment they leave the villa.

Let us know in the comments about your experience on the Love Island Game. Does it give you the platform to be a version of yourself that you wouldn't be in real life?


Android users can head over to the Google Play Store while those with Apple devices can download Love Island The Game from the App Store.

Love Island The Game is free to download.

However if you want to really get into the game then you’re probably going to have to purchase some gems with real-life money. 

At least, looking at the bank account, this is what Subject 1 did...

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