Stranger Things Roblox: Promo codes for Mike's Bike and Dustin's Camp Know Where Cap

Stranger Things 3 Roblox 2

The promo codes you need to attain Mike's Bike and Dustin's Camp Know Where Cap from the Stranger Things crossover with Roblox.

Stranger Things season 3 kicks off on Netflix on July 4, and - to celebrate its arrival - the social gaming platform Roblox launched an event on July 1 that culminates tomorrow. This limited time affair involves riddles and puzzles being posted on Roblox's official Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, with the answers being promo codes that unlock virtual goodies.

You can choose to reject the Riddler's challenges by merely enjoying the Scoops Ahoy hat and Demogorgon mask available to download for free on Roblox until July 12, but that would be stupid seeing as you can just cheat by finding the promo codes below.

Stranger Things 3 Roblox

Stranger Things Roblox: The promo codes for Rats and Eleven's Mall Outfit

The first hint for the puzzle from day 1 was, "At long last, the feast has come. May our appetites never succumb!"

Solving this puzzle rewards Stranger Things fanatics with a bunch of rats.

If you don't have the time or patience to legitimately solve the puzzle (no one's judging), then simply click here and enter the below promo code:


Now that you've unlocked the rats through cheating, it's time to move onto the second day's puzzle.

The reward for day 2's puzzle is Eleven's Mall Outfit and the clue Roblox posted on Twitter can be found below.

Clues were also posted on Instagram and Facebook, but you only care about the promo code rather than the method to deciphering it.

So, to unlock Eleven's Mall Outfit, input the following code:


Roblox's reward for completing the Day 3 riddle is Mike's Bike.

Unlocking Mike's Bike requires the code:


Another Stranger Things item Roblox players can attain is Dustin's Camp Know Where Cap by inputting:


In other Stranger Things news, here's everything you need to know about the specific year the third season takes place.

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