Skunk Anansie at Glastonbury 1999: The reason Stormzy has been called out!

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Skunk Anansie headlined Glastonbury in 1999, but recently there's been some confusion.

There are some who have forgotten about Skunk Anansie, but when they're reminded, a spark is reignited. Their sophomore effort - 1996's Stoosh - remains an absolute blast of a record, and a gem to return to. 

During the nineties, the British band were as big as can be, achieving wide success and a diehard fanbase. Lead singer Skin (Deborah Anne Dyer) possesses such a unique vocal quality and is never afraid to rage and run rampant on the cut, giving them an aggressive and boisterous edge. 

They disbanded in 2001 but more and more people flocked to listen to them following their departure; eventually, they reformed in 2009. During their heyday, they even headlined Glastonbury

(GERMANY OUT)    Skunk Anansie (Britische Alternative Rock-Gruppe)(GERMANY OUT) Skunk Anansie (Britische Alternative Rock-Gruppe)

A triumph

Within five years of forming, Skunk Anansie took to Glastonbury's main stage to deliver an electrifying headline set, bringing the energy in spades. 

They opened with "Charlie Big Potato" and went straight into "Twisted (Everyday Hurts)", controlling the crowd with such authority. Interestingly, their set has been forgotten by many festival enthusiasts, perhaps because the band have simply slid into relative obscurity in the current decade; they're not exactly a band you hear teenagers heralding. 

Nevertheless, what they achieved was special, and thanks to Skin, we're being reminded of it in wake of a recent mishap.  

Stormzy apologises

British rapper Stormzy has been the talk of Glastonbury 2019, crowned champion of the weekend after an unforgettable Friday night headline performance. The set has drawn praise for many reasons - he only has one studio album under his belt and is already dominating the Pyramid stage. 

Notably though, as reported by The Independent, the artist claimed he was the first Black British musician to headline the festival. However, Skin certainly had something to say about that; "Sorry Stormzy but we beat you to it in 1999!” she wrote on Instagram.

However, she also added a touching sentiment; "You’re amazing and we’re all very proud.” After noticing his mistake, Stormzy was insistent to voice correction, taking to Twitter to settle the misunderstanding. 


Are they still together?

Well, we're glad that's settled, but considering Stormzy's mind-blowing success we thought it'd be a fitting time to spotlight Skunk Anansie's recent output. 

They're still working and put out a live album this January called "25LIVE@25". They even received the Hall Of Fame Award at the 2019 Kerrang! Awards!

It's been a significant year so far, and let's hope there's more to come from the Anansie crew soon. 

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