Molly and Tommy's Love Island reunion: Psychologist analyses Lucie Donlan's reaction!

Screenshot: Love Island 2019 episode July 2nd

In the most dramatic episode of Love Island 2019 yet, Tommy Fury had Molly-Mae burst into tears at the recoupling. But what did Lucie Donlan make of the spewing romance?

Tommy Fury takes centre stage. The professional boxer and younger brother to former heavyweight champion of the world, Tyson Fury, is about to make his speech.

Nervous, with cold-blue eyes shimmering, Tommy clutches his girlfriend's teddy bear close to his heart as he desperately hopes that Molly-Mae will return to the recoupling a single woman.

You can't predict the drama, emotion and twists and turns that has engulfed the Love Island 2019 series.

After all, it's not just Molly-Mae who had her eye on loveable Tommy as he lowered the teddy to his side. Luce Donlan looked on with tears running down her cheeks throughout the recoupling. Were these tears of joy? Of envy? Jealousy?

Psychologist Silja Litvin has analysed the episode to give you the lowdown on what Lucie, Tommy and Molly-Mae's body language said about the emotional scene.


Screenshot: Love Island 2019 episode July 2nd

What happened between Lucie, Molly-Mae and Tommy?

The three ITV stars have been caught in a love triangle since season 5 started.

Initially, Tommy and Lucie shared romantic sparks, although they parted ways when Tommy fell head over heels for Bombshell Molly-Mae Hague and Lucie eventually coupled-up with Joe Garratt.

Joe was given the boot and Tommy and Lucie started to grow closer, forming a visibly strong bond. Other Islanders even commented on their friendship to Molly-Mae, with the likes of Anna Vakili commenting that the closeness of their friendship was odd.

The final twist in the tale saw Lucie put all of her emotions on the table to Tommy, telling him that she did like him in a romantic way.

Moments before the Casa Amor episodes, Tommy delicately defused the situation and reiterated his loyalties to Molly-Mae.

What happened in the recoupling?

The recoupling saw Tommy and Molly recouple as the rest of the Love Island cast broke down to tears over the tender romance.

Tommy held Ellie Bellie bear (Molly-Mae's teddy) as he delivered his recoupling speech while Molly burst into tears as she entered the villa and saw that Tommy stayed true to his word and was waited for her.

However, the camera also regularly panned to Lucie, who repeatedly looked at the couple intently, shedding a few tears along the way.

Social media picked on Lucie's troubled eyes and asked a million questions about what was going through her head at the time.


Why did Lucie shed a tear?

Psychologist Silja Litvin believes that Lucie's tears were genuine and that they were a signal of happiness for Tommy and Molly-Mae's relationship, as opposed to jealousy.

Silja said:

"I think Lucie wishes them well. Her smile looked genuine when Tommy said that he stayed loyal to Molly.

Psychologically, it’s sometimes easier to stomach rejection if someone has already moved on. So Lucie may have found it even harder had Tommy rejected both her and Molly to take a chance with a new girl.

The crying may very well be a mix of envy and empathy - Lucie felt relief and joy at Tommy and Molly although it probably mad her sad at the same time."


Screenshot: Love Island 2019 episode July 2nd


Disclosure: Please be aware that it is hard to ‘read’ body language in order to detect lies, even when you have had years of training and can decoded micro-expressions with the help of milli-second video frame steps. My feedback is an educated guess based on my education and common sense.

– Psychologist Silja Litvin

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