Everything you need to know about how to fix the common not loading issue for Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite might not be as good as Pokémon Go thanks to not being as attractively simple, but it’s still a harmless enough adventure that allows J.K. Rowling fanatics to prance about the wilderness in dressing gowns with pencilled scars on their forehead. That is until the game decides to spoil players’ fanciful fun by not loading.

Is there a spell that can be used to remove this pesky issue, or is it one of the many unfixable cons that come with being a wizard?

Harry Potter Wizards Unite: How to fix the not loading conundrum

You’ll know when Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is trying to load as there’ll be an image of a clock spinning backwards.

This means that you either have no data connection or that your connection to the server isn’t very fast.

Another clue to this being the issue is when you start playing the game and find that the map is an empty desert devoid of… well, everything.

If you’re opening the game to an empty map, it pretty much means that your connection to the server is so poor that it simply doesn’t know you’re alive. Essentially, it means you’re a ghost, and I bet it causes you to whine and b**ch as much as moaning Myrtle, too.

There’s a slew of animations in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite that cause the game to run at a snail’s pace, and downloading all the game’s assets can help with this (in addition to reducing your mobile usage).

You should also ensure that you have the latest patch installed and that “download booster” is turned off on Android (search “download booster” in settings and disable it).

However, if you’re still experiencing frequent loading delays or are continuously getting stuck at the 90% mark, it just means your Wi-Fi connection isn’t strong enough and that you’re basically screwed. This might be because the servers are overloaded with wizards playing the equivalent to Pokémon, or it might be an issue on your end.

Either way, you’ll have to pull off some real magic to fix the conundrum.

In other Harry Potter: Wizards Unite news, there’s a cheat that can be exploited endlessly to always craft Masterful spells.