Is there an how to fix network error 44 solution for BTS World so the band’s barmy army can enjoy the videos and OST?

BTS World is cutesy fan-fiction that essentially has you mother the boys by doing everything for them apart from wiping their backsides after they visit the loo for a number two. Unfortunately for the band’s barmy army, though, there’s a network error 44 that is currently making it impossible for some people to enjoy the videos and OST.

Is there a fix for this distressing bug, or is network error 44 a party pooping b**tard that will never go away?

BTS World: How to fix network error 44

The BTS army has gathered online to complain about the error 44 that is ruining their fanciful fun.

Error 44 massively ruins the game by making it impossible for certain players to listen to the OST in the Main Lobby and see the video calls from the boys.

Twitter user cooky_maya126 noted that the issue predominantly affects those using Huawei and Honor phones, but much of the BTS army complained that it’s affecting those on Samsung, iPhone, and other models, too.

Cooky_maya126 fixed the error for themselves by uninstalling the game, changing their default storage to internal (vs SD/Memory Card), and restarting their phone and reinstalling the app.

The Twitter issue further mentioned that the error is a storage issue rather than anything to do with the network.

Contact customer services if the issue continues to occur for you, or try following the steps they provided to one of their users in the Twitter post below.

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