Viewers of Ackley Bridge watched on in shock as the fate of Missy Booth came to light. But why was Missy killed off?

Series 3 of Ackley Bridge got off to a shocking start when we saw the show’s two main characters, Nas and Missy, get hit by a car in the episode’s final moments. 

However, the series had something far worse in store for fans as Missy succumbed to her injuries and sadly passed away. 

But why was Missy killed off in Ackley Bridge? 

What’s Ackley Bridge all about?

Just like Waterloo Road and Grange Hill before that, Ackley Bridge is a school-based drama series that takes place in the multicultural academy of the same name.

The show primarily focuses on the lives of Missy Booth and Nas Paracha and the trials and tribulations they go through at school and at home. 

Season 3 began with a bang as the first episode of the new series saw both Nas and Missy get hit by a car after a touching and emotional scene between the two just before the credits rolled.

Viewers were left in suspense for the following week, not quite knowing the fate of the show’s two main characters.

Why was Missy killed off?

We started the second episode with Nas recovering in hospital, suffering mostly cuts and bruises.

Missy, on the other hand, had broken both her wrists in the crash and we see her joking with Nas about this.

The next scene, however, showed us that her injuries were far worse than we first thought as Missy dies due to internal bleeding after banging her head in the accident.

While Missy’s death is obviously a huge tragedy, it’s unsurprising for the show to go down this route. 

As reported by Express, Missy actress Poppy Lee Friar spoke to Channel 4 about the character’s thoughts on the future: “She has so much potential, but her grades and lack of direction might mean that she will feel trapped in a life she does not want… It frightens her and makes her feel angry towards Nas for her lack of understanding and empathy.”

Being a school-based drama, it undoubtedly boasts a younger audience and in doing so becomes a brilliant way to educate people on the problems they may face throughout their lives, one part of that being the death of a close friend and having to deal with the repercussions.

It makes sense for Missy to be the character who passed away as the larger than life character was well-liked on the show and will have struck a bigger chord with the audience.

With Missy sadly passing away, Ackley Bridge will never be the same again but, just like dealing with death in real life, the characters in the show are going to have to find a way to cope.

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