Stranger Things 3’s release date is almost here! But what time is the show released on Netflix?

Season three of Netflix’s Stranger Things is almost upon us after an agonising wait since 2017.

The new series of the highly-acclaimed sci-fi is set to hit the streaming service on July 4th, the USA’s independence day.

However, despite releasing on the same date, UK viewers have a little longer to wait than their US counterparts… sort of.

Looking ahead to season 3

After an almost two-year wait following the conclusion of season two back in 2017, Stranger Things is finally returning.

It’s not long now until we’ll be joining the likes of Eleven, Mike and co. on another fascinating and 80s themed adventure.

Season three, set in summer 1985, looks set to continue the story started in season two as the previous season’s big-bad, the horrifying Mind Flayer, was not truly defeated last time around and has made its way from the Upside Down into our world. 

The gang will be put to their greatest test yet as they not only have to fight off this maniacal monster but must evolve and change so that the relationships within the group can survive.

Stranger Things season 3 release details

As has been widely reported, season three of Stranger Things is heading to Netflix on July 4th but that wait will seem even greater for UK viewers. 

While Netflix release shows and movies on a particular date, the time of the release is different depending on where you are. 

In the US, shows are released at midnight at Pacific Time, meaning that viewers in the UK will have to wait until 8am on July 4th for the release of Stranger Things season three.

The reason for this unusual timing schedule is so the series is released at exactly the same moment all over the world, despite the differing times.

This is a great help for those viewers who want to avoid spoilers for the new season as everyone will get to watch at the same time but it is frustrating that viewers in the UK can’t watch the show at midnight UK time. 

Regardless, season three of Stranger Things should be an absolute blast and we can’t wait for the new season to release on July 4th, 2019. 

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