Tom Holland’s busy 2019 continues with his latest role as Walter Beckett in animated spy flick Spies in Disguise

The first trailer for Blue Sky Studio’s latest work, Spies in Disguise, made its way online recently and it looks like a promising return to form from the studio that brought us the Ice Age series, Rio and most recently Ferdinand.

Spies in Disguise assembles an all-star cast that will surely catch the eye of any cinema-going movie fans. Will Smith stars as the illustrious spy Lance Stirling.

Of course, any secret agent would be incomplete without their gadgets and it’s up to Tom Holland’s Walter Beckett to provide them.

Who is Walter Beckett?

Walter Beckett, voiced by the evermore present Tom Holland, is Spies in Disgiuse’s answer to James Bond’s Q.

He is the inventing whizzkid who provides Lance Stirling, the world’s most famous superspy, with all of the gadgets he could possibly need to save the world.

However, an experimental new formula, designed to make the user invisible has some worryingly adverse effects.

What’s Spies in disguise all about?

Spies in Disguise is based on the Lucas Martell animated short Pigeon: Impossible. 

The film tells the story of the smooth-talking and ultra-cool secret agent Lance Stirling and his introverted gadget man Walter Beckett. 

In an instant, Stirling is reduced to little more than a cooing pigeon after sampling an experimental formula that was being developed to turn the user invisible. 

Both Stirling and Beckett are thrown into roles they’re very much uncomfortable with as they try to work out a solution.

When is Spies in Disguise out?

Spies in Disguise, which is the first Blue Sky Studios film to be distributed by Disney since the house of mouse takeover, is set for cinematic release, in the UK, on December 27th, 2019,

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