MARVEL Conest Of Champions: Mysterio and stealth suit Spidey release date!

Spider-Man: Far From Home dir. Jon Watts 2019

The release date for Spider-Man: Far From Home's Mysterio and stealth suit Spidey for MARVEL: Contest Of Champions.

Despite the fact the Sam Raimi trilogy will forever be the best Spider-Man movies thanks to the frantic action and Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker being an actual geek, the world is currently raving about the supposed perfect finale to phase 3 of the MCU, Spider-Man: Far From Home. And, in what is no doubt exciting news for comic book "nerds" and fans of the newest Jon Watts flick, MARVEL is soon releasing Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio and Spidey's stealth suit for Contest Of Champions.

Spider-Man: Far From Home dir. Jon Watts 2019

MARVEL Contest Of Champions: Mysterio and stealth suit Spidey release date!

Spider-Man: Far From Home's Mysterio is a being that has travelled from an Earth identical to our own to help rescue Spider-Man's globe from the same elemental creatures that destroyed his planet.

Named Quentin Beck, he is recognisable by the superhero persona of Mysterio, and in Contest Of Champions he's a Tech Champion who has a Class Bonus against Mutant Champions.

One of his three special attacks is an Out Of Nowhere strike that sees him blast a powerful beam at his opponent.

As a master of theatrics, his other special attacks include projecting a series of illusions to hide his whereabouts, as well as unleashing a cloud of smoke to fly behind an opponent to perform a final blast.

Click here to see more of Mysterio's abilities.

Per the official MARVEL website, Mysterio will join Contest Of Champions on July 11.

Meanwhile, the stealth spidey suit will join the popular mobile game on July 25.

To me the stealth suit resembles nothing more than the Noir suit from the massively underrated Beenox epic Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions, but - according to Screenrant - it's more of a mishmash with the black SHIELD suit from the Secret Wars comic story.

In the Spider-Man: Far From Home movie, though, the suit is way more simplified as its purpose is simply to force Peter Parker to rely less on his arsenal of gadgets.


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