Is Woody bisexual in Toy Story 4? ‘Romantic’ ending explained!

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Is Woody bisexual in Toy Story 4? It's not a question that you would ever think needed asking but it has been

Lately, fans have been asking: Is Woody bisexual in Toy Story 4? Pixar is certainly no stranger to diversity, inclusion and representation, so it's certainly a worthwhile question to ask. 

The first film - 1995's Toy Story - was the animation studio's first feature film, and since then the films have gone down in history as family favourites. In fact, shortly after the release of the third instalment in 2010, many were dubbing the Toy Story trilogy as one of the greatest of all time. However, when Friday, June 21st rolled around, it no longer was a trilogy. 

It was easily one of the most anticipated movie events of 2019 and offered up more of that signature Pixar charm we've come to know and love.

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What is Toy Story 4 about?

It looks like the fourth entry in the series will explore themes of finding oneself and personal discovery. 

When Bonnie's new toy - Forky (Tony Hale) - is introduced to the gang, the tight-knit group of friends swear to protect him. However, during a road trip, his safety is thrown into question, along with the gang's knowledge of the wider world. 

Fans are expecting an inspirational and moving portrait of friendship - and a few tears, of course. These aren't kids movies, they're family movies, so it's no surprise that they sometimes deal with more mature themes. Could sexuality be the next step up?

Is Woody bisexual in Toy Story 4?

In the run-up to the film's June release, NPC reported a tweet from Disney confirming Woody's sexuality - however, it's perhaps best to pay no notice...

From the outset, it appeared to be nothing more than a hoax and there was no reason to believe that Woody would be bisexual in Toy Story 4. 

So, it looks like the smoke has no fire - what we have here is a prank of sorts. It's interesting to see how many believed it though.

Tom Hanks has his say

As reported by ScreenRant, Woody's voice actor - Tom Hanks - began to discuss the future of Woody's love life. 

While he doesn't exactly address the character's sexuality, he expresses Woody's certainty regarding his true love:

There you have it; Bo Peep has always been the one for Woody, and he's known it from the very start.

If you've seen Toy Story 4 by now, you'll know full well that Woody leaves his gang of toys to be with Bo Peep for good in a heart-wrenching and tear-jerking moment to rival the 'so long, partner' from the end of Toy Story 3. 

In case you somehow didn't already know, Toy Story 4 hit cinemas on June 21st, 2019.


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