Apex Legends Season 2: What are the BST and EDT release times?

Apex Legends Season 2 Wattson

The predicted BST and EDT release times for EA and Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends season 2.

EA and Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends is another Battle Royale title in an industry that is overfilled with them, but it is one of the few that is legitimately considered to be worthy and stiff competition to Fortnite thanks to its Titanfall universe and diverse gameplay. And, because of this, gamers are counting down the seconds until the clock on their mobile phones display the most likely BST and EDT release times for season 2.

Apex Legends Season 2

Apex Legends Season 2: What are the BST and EDT release times?

Per Eurogamer, there's a slew of new features being added to Apex Legends in its season 2 update.

Some of these simply include balance tweaks such as modifications to the damage stats of weapons, meanwhile others include changes to the Kings Canyon map and new items and gear.

There will be a new weapon called the L-Star LMG, in addition to a new Legend named Wattson and a new Apex Legends Battle Pass with unique and improved rewards.

Finally, season 2 will also pack a ranked mode ranging from bronze to Apex Predator, as well as Weekly Challenges.

Although I'm one of the few only people who isn't itching to rejoin the Battle Royale mayhem we have Suzanne Collins and Fortnite to thank for, those who are literally counting down each and every second don't have too long to wait until season 2 arrives as it officially releases today.

An official release time hasn't been announced, but the Express reckons it'll be launched at 18:00 BST.

This is because Respawn Entertainment has released major updates and events at about this time in the past.

If Apex Legends' Season 2 update does release at 18:00 BST, then it means that its EDT release time will be 13:00.


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