Brexit Party MEPs turned their back on the EU anthem while the Lib Dems wore ‘Stop Brexit’ t-shirts in the European Parliament.

It was a dramatic first day of the European Parliament as the newly-elected UK MEPs took the chance to publicly show their support or opposition to Brexit.

The UK took to the polls in late May to select their MEP representatives in the European Parliament. This vote was seen as a proxy second referendum; the results helped to gauge the current public opinion on Brexit.

And the election showed that the country was still as divided as ever on this topic. The Brexit Party – which was newly formed by Nigel Farage – was the biggest winner with 29 MEPs.

But pro-Remain parties such as the Liberal Democrats (16 seats) and the Green Party (seven seats) enjoyed major gains. The UK’s two main parties – Labour and Conservative – suffered significant losses to illustrate how the nation has lost faith with the government and the opposition over Brexit.

The first day of the new European Parliament promised to be political. And it did not disappoint with two key publicity stunts. We take a look at them below…

Brexit Party snubs EU anthem