Himesh Patel was introduced to the film world in fantastic fashion in Yesterday but it turns out he may be able to do more than just act

Yesterday, Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis’s love letter to The Beatles hit cinemas over the weekend and cinema-goers have been met with a plethora of Beatles songs performed throughout the film. However, it’s not The Beatles performing them. 

The film tells the story of Jack Malik (Himesh Patel), a struggling musician who, after a mysterious worldwide power outage and horrific bus-based accident, ends up being the only person on Earth who can remember the iconic music of the fab four.

It proves to be a fortuitous and star-making turn of events for Jack as he sets to work passing The Beatles’ songs off as his own.

Is it really Himesh Patel playing the guitar in Yesterday?

For a film, all about music and a singer-songwriter’s career, to have an actor who can’t play an instrument or sing, would make for a very difficult task.

Thankfully for the director of Yesterday, Danny Boyle, the film’s star can not only sing but play the guitar as well.

We often see some sort of cinema wizardry that can transform even the most musically inept actors into a bonafide musical maestro but that was not needed here as Himesh Patel boasts the ability to pull off The Beatles’ iconic music. 

The soundtrack for Yesterday has made it onto Spotify to coincide with the release of the film and the biggest thing of note is that Himesh Patel is credited for singing every song on there, aside from Daniel Pemberton’s score.  

It’s an impressive accolade for Himesh Patel which almost certainly helped him get his first feature film role of Jack Malik in Yesterday.

What do the fans make of Yesterday?

Yesterday has arrived in cinemas to largely mixed reviews. The film has received a lot of praise for its direction, production and so forth but the biggest plus-point Yesterday has going for it is the brilliant performances from Himesh Patel and Lily James in the two main roles and that is helped in no small part by Patel’s superb singing skills.

However, the film falters thanks to its concept above all else. It’s a Richard Curtis rom-com a la Love Actually and About Time but also has this element of everyone forgetting The Beatles’ music in there. 

As a result, neither angle of the film is really given the chance to shine as Yesterday teeters on a knife edge between the two. 

Unsurprisingly, plenty of cinema-goers have taken to social media to express their thoughts on the film.

Easily the biggest drawback for the film is that the premise is just so hard to believe and would cause a whole new wave of problems like this Twitter user points out.

Danny Boyle’s Yesterday hit cinemas across the UK on June 28th, 2019.

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