Harry Potter Wizards Unite: Cheats and help to find Mystery Objects

Harry Potter Wizards Unite 3

Cheats and help to find Mystery Objects in the popular mobile game Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite launched June 21 and it has given J.K. Rowling fanatics a reason to brave the outside. While it might not be as delightfully straightforward as Pokémon Go, it's still a relatively decent and harmless experience that packs a lot of fun. One of its many attractive features is the Mystery Objects for which there are cheats and tips that will help you find them.

Below you'll find cheats and help for finding the Mystery Objects in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Harry Potter Wizards Unite: Cheats and help to find Mystery Objects

Harry Plopper (sorry, Potter): Wizards Unite features a bunch of SOS Assignments for players to complete at their own pace.

The SOS Assignments are a series of tasks that require wizards to defeat certain foes such as Common Erklings and Formidable Death Eaters, as well as find items such as Mystery Objects and "2 pixie wings from Pixie Confoundables."

Players will need to locate two Mystery Objects to complete the fifth assignment: the London Five Transcript and the Redacted Report.

The London Five Transcript is a Public Hearing by the Ministry of Magic regarding the motion to terminate the London Five Investigation.

Meanwhile, the Redacted Report concerns an incident in which Grim Fawley rescued Ministry Watch Wizard Eric Munch in the Department of Mysteries' Brain Room.

Unfortunately, there's no cheat or specific help that can be given by me or anyone else to find these Mystery Objects as they drop randomly.

All that you can do to find the Mystery Objects is continue to trace spells (for which there is an easy cheat to continuously perform Masterful ones) and hope for them to drop.

The London Five Transcript and Redacted Report will both reward you with 250 XP.

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