Glastonbury: Who is Alex Mann? We found Dave’s PSG rapper on Instagram!

Dave performs at Glastonbury 2019

The Dave superfan has gone viral after his unlikely Glastonbury performance, but who is Alex Mann?

"Did you have a good time at Glastonbury?" they ask. "Well, I got to perform on stage with Dave and I absolutely nailed it," is probably how the conversation would go. What a moment!

Popular British rapper Dave released his debut album Psychodrama earlier this year and blew fans and critics away. The album is a masterwork of the grime genre, and his Glastonbury set was one of the most anticipated of the entire weekend. 

His followers know that he always goes above and beyond for them, but this is a whole new level...

Dave performs at Glastonbury 2019

What happened?

During his performance, the rapper noticed a fan on his friend's shoulders sporting a football shirt emblazoned with Thiago Silva's name. 

Seizing the opportunity, he swiftly invited the young man on stage to perform the AJ Tracey song of the same name. There was uncertainty in the crowd; would he know the words? Could he keep up? 

It could have been an absolute disaster, and these situations have spiralled into meltdown on many occasion. However, the crowd were chanting the stranger's name by the end of it - he absolutely nailed it. Now, he's a viral sensation. Watch the video below:


We found him on Insta!

His full name is Alex Mann and he's from Wells, Somerset. Speaking with The Guardian, the 15-year-old tells them that it was "the best time of his life."

It looks like Dave himself has also been in touch; "He was supportive and said that I would get a lot of messages... and if I needed anything to let him know. He said if it got overwhelming he would be there."

We imagine he'll have some serious attention on him after shutting down the Glasto stage with his surprise turn. With that in mind, it's worth keeping tabs on his social media. 

You can follow him on Insta at @alexxmannnn; there's even a post of AJ Tracey himself, performing at SWX Bristol. 

You can also follow an account at @mannerzzzz, which appears to be an account he may have made to promote the memory, or perhaps a fan account. Either way, there's some great content highlighting the unforgettable Glasto moment. 

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@santandave @thiagosilva @ajtracey #thiagosilva #glastonbury #alex

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He's on Twitter

Similarly, you can follow him over at Twitter; @mannerzzzz.

Who knows, perhaps there's an unlikely collaboration on the way! Be sure to check out Dave's full performance on BBC iPlayer

In other news, check out our review of Dave's Pyschodrama.

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