With a film centred around The Beatles, there are obviously going to be plenty of references to the fab four.

Yesterday has finally made its way into cinemas meaning fans of The Beatles and Richard Curtis’s trademark romcom are in for a real treat.

As you might expect with a film centred around the music of arguably the biggest band in history, there are plenty of songs by The Beatles that make their way into Yesterday.

On top of that though, there are also plenty of little references and easter eggs throughout the film to the fab four which Beatles fans will surely love recognising when watching the film. 

Beatles songs referenced in Yesterday

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of Beatles songs that are performed throughout the film by the incredibly talented Himesh Patel but the real trick is picking up on the references to the fab four’s work that isn’t sung.

For example, when Himesh Patel’s character, Jack Malik, is in hospital after the fateful accident that causes the vanishing of The Beatles from existence, he asks his friend and manager, Ellie (Lily James), “will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m 64?” Which is, of course quoting the song When I’m Sixty Four.

It’s not the only song that’s referenced during the film with A Day In The Life’s orchestral crescendo sounding just as the power cut that causes Jack’s accident is happening. 

The dentist who fixes Jack’s smashed teeth reassures the toothless musician that all will be ok after a little help from my friends.

Later on, Jack makes a reference to While My Guitar Gently Weeps while recording several songs at the studio in LA, instructing a technician that the guitar should sound like it’s gently weeping.

And as the film’s second act comes to an end, someone in a crowd of reporters can be seen holding aloft a yellow submarine toy.

Iconic locations in Yesterday

While most of the film itself is filmed in Suffolk, a good chunk of Yesterday was filmed in the city of Liverpool and, of course, we take a magical whistle-stop tour of some of the inspirational locations behind some of the fab four’s most famous songs, the now demolished Strawberry Fields orphanage, a certain barber shop on Penny Lane and Eleanor Rigby’s grave.

One slightly more bizarre location in Yesterday is Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport which in the film is called Liverpool International Airport as John Lennon and The Beatles never rose to fame in this alternate timeline.

Paul McCartney’s bare feet

During an interview with James Corden, Jack Malik suffers a nervous daydream almost, when he imagines Corden inviting out Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.

In the scene, we see the pair’s feet come into shot before we cut away to another scene.

What’s noticeable though, is that one of the pairs of feet that comes into shot, is bare, just like the world-famous cover of the Abbey Road album.

Robert Carlyle as John Lennon 

And finally, we have a reference to Danny Boyle’s past work instead of The Beatles.

Just as the final act of the film is about to begin, out-of-his-depth Jack seeks help from an unexpected source, John Lennon, who in this alternate reality is actually alive and well as he never rose to fame with The Beatles.

We believe, although no cast list can confirm this at the moment, that in Yesterday, Lennon is played by Robert Carlyle who Danny Boyle had worked with in the past on Trainspotting.

And there we have it. There are almost certainly going to be little nods we’ve missed here and there in the film that only the most hardcore of Beatles fans would be able to spot. 

If you fancy having a go at spotting them for yourself, Yesterday is now out at cinemas across the UK.


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