There are only a couple of physical copies of Poop Slinger on the PS4 left to buy, and here’s why they cost such a WTF fee.

There are limited video games that cost an extravagant amount of money due to history and nostalgia, but then there are also rare titles that cost almost $3,000 because of a sh**ty back-story. Case in point, the rarest PlayStation 4 video game with only a couple of physical copies left to buy, Poop Slinger.

Unlike vintage video games such as Super Mario Bros. and Nintendo Campus Challenge 1991, Poop Slinger is a limited absurdity that only people who still enjoy Adam Sandler movies will find entertaining.

And, despite offering nothing more than the rubbish we dispose from our bodies after a particularly spicy curry, it’ll still be remembered for many years as one of the rarest treasures in Sony’s cave of wonders.

Physical copies of Poop Slinger on PS4 cost almost $3,000 – how, why and WTF?

Poop Slinger launched for PS4 and Steam back in 2018.

Following its release, a brand new company named Limited Run Games – owned by a Russian based out of South California – decided to take out a bank loan to fund a limited run, physical release of the digital only title.

These physical copies went on sale on April 1 for a fee that would soon amount to $50, and Limited Rare Games only managed to sell 84 of the 820 quantities they were trying to offload through their bare-bones Russian website that many people assumed was a scam.

Creditors reportedly seized the remaining 736 physical copies, making Poop Slinger the rarest physical PS4 video game available due to only 84 versions being out in the wilderness.

Some of these copies were listed and sold on eBay for prices that ranged from $400 to as high as $11,399.99. And there are now only two more copies available on the internet’s most popular market.

Both of the remaining copies are being sold from the United States, and the more generous sale is fixed at $895.95 (£706.78), meanwhile the more extreme figure is $2,999.95 (£2,366.5).

If – for whatever reason – you fancy buying either copy, then simply click the links above.

As for those who just want a minute’s worth of giggles without overwhelming regret, you can simply buy the PS4’s rarest game from the PlayStation Store for just £3.99.

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