Supermassive Games, the developer responsible for the terrifying PS4 exclusive Until Dawn, have confirmed how long it’ll take players to beat Man Of Medan.

Man Of Medan is one of my most anticipated games of the year due to it marking the beginning of the Until Dawn developer’s ambitious The Dark Pictures Anthology. And, although it’s said to be a couple hours shorter than their breakout PlayStation 4 exclusive, gamers should be pleased with how long it supposedly takes to beat the anthology’s first instalment.

The Dark Pictures Anthology is Supermassive Games’ next project instead of Until Dawn 2 because it allows them to repeat the PS4 exclusive’s success while also toying with different horror subgenres.

It’s first chapter is coming out very soon, and it is said to have more than a decent runtime.

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Until Dawn developer confirms how long to beat Man Of Medan

Aptly described by Eurogamer as the Until Dawn follow-up you’ve been waiting for, Man Of Medan encompasses everything that made Supermassive Games’ cliché horror romp a superior alternative to the pretentious interactive dramas made by David Cage.

The upcoming Man Of Medan doesn’t star Oscar winner Rami Malek, but it does feature the X-Men‘s biggest wimp Shawn Ashmore, along with Polar‘s Ayisha Issa.

In addition, it also contains a plethora of in-the-moment choices for you to make that will determine whether Man Of Medan is a disappointing horror flick where nobody dies, or a satisfying bloodbath where the annoying characters get their comeuppance.

Until Dawn lasted about 6-7 hours during a single playthrough, and director Tom Heaton has said that Man Of Medan will take roughly 4-5 hours to escape its ghost ship.

Speaking to Gamingbolt, Heaton claimed this is “a good length for a branching-narrative story” because “it means the narrative doesn’t get too long.”

The director also said that – like Until Dawn – gamers will replay Man Of Medan a number of times to save people who died, kill people who lived, and to find all of the secret content.

Man Of Medan launches August 30 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and you can check out its trailer below.

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