Toy Story 4 is now in cinemas and the 1.94 update for Minecraft on the PS4 fixes the game’s collaboration with the once believed to be bisexual Woody.

Minecraft and Toy Story have teamed up to polish each other’s pointy horns, but the collaboration on the PlayStation 4 has been a tad bumpy with players reporting that it has caused their consoles to repeatedly crash. Fortunately, the team behind the still increasingly popular video game have fixed this issue with update 1.94.

Toy Story 4 has received gushing reviews despite the recent complaints about it lacking diversity and the fiasco surrounding a cowboy doll’s sexuality (it doesn’t even have a penis).

And, for those who are venomously angry about Disney not giving us another great Toy Story video game adaptation, Minecraft is the only alternative to exploring its universe other than the disappointing Kingdom Hearts 3.

Minecraft 1.94 PS4 update fixes bisexual Woody and Toy Story Mash-Up

Below you’ll find the only patch note for Minecraft update version 1.94 on the PS4.

  • Fix for possible crash while exploring the Toy Story world.

And there’s your patch notes. There’s certainly no meat on its bones, but at least it fixes an annoying issue for those who have been pulling their hair out over the game crashing when exploring Andy’s bedroom and his secret stash of adult magazines.

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