Why is Bernie Sanders joining Twitch? Everything you need to know!

US Senator Bernie Sanders, Independent of Vermont, speaks during a press conference to introduce college affordability legislation outside the US Capitol in Washington, DC, June 24, 2019. (...

Everything you need to know about why the presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, has decided to join Twitch.

Presidential candidate and vocal Donald Trump detractor, Bernie Sanders, has announced that he's joining the popular streaming platform Twitch. Here's everything you need to know about when and why he's making the move in addition to streaming more on Facebook and YouTube.

However, before moving onto when and why, it's important to first break the bad news that it's higly unlikely Sanders will use the platform to play video games in-spite-of his recent involvement with the industry (he has lately been pioneering for developers to unionise).

Why is Bernie Sanders joining Twitch? Everything you need to know!

Bernie Sanders is joining Twitch and his channel will be named - what else - Bernie_Sanders.

Per Mega Games, Sanders PR staff claim that the presidential candidate is joining the platform to help encourage the "not me, us" mantra of his campaign.

In addition to Twitch, Sanders will also be live streaming on Facebook and YouTube, as well as conducting AMAs on social media websites Reddit and Twitter.

When is Bernie Sanders first Twitch stream?

As noted by the Independent, Bernie Sanders will stream live on Twitch before and after the Democratic Debate.

However, don't be too excited about the prospect of seeing Sanders rage over the likes of Dark Souls or any other video game because it's unlikely he'll do more than discuss the news of the day and provide updates for his 2020 campaign.

Still, although his streams probably won't be as exciting as they sound on paper, it'll be interesting to see what follows Sanders' arrival on Twitch.

What other candidates will try to exploit the platform to fulfil their political goals? Only time will tell.

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