Toy Story 4 has delighted audiences everywhere, but the Vincent dummies have proven a peculiar new addition.

In 1995, families were introduced to Woody, Buzz and a gang of lovable toys they’d grow to cherish for life. Fast forward to almost twenty-five years later, and we’re still sharing playtime with our favourite Pixar creations. 

Whether you’re four years old or forty, there’s something to love in all of the Toy Story movies; the fourth instalment is no exception. 

Toy Story 4 has arrived and has received glowing reception from both audiences and critics. Fans of the (once believed to be) trilogy were initially a little sceptical, but now it’s here, we know there was nothing to worry about.

The old crew are back and on form, along with some new faces – most notably, Vincent.  

A little too creepy for Toy Story!

Although the sequel went down a treat, some kids may have had nightmares since thanks to the new additions of the Benson dummies. – all named Vincent. 

They are the henchman of Gabby Gabby, voiced by Christina Hendricks. She’s the main antagonist, but it’s the many Vincent’s which burrowed under audiences’ skin. 

Interestingly, the voice-actor behind them has a history with the franchise…

Who voices them?

The dummies are voiced by Steve Purcell. Ring any bells?

He wrote and Directed Toy Story That Time Forgot in 2014, the delightful 22-min short which helped tide audiences over after 2010’s Toy Story 3

He also voiced The Cleric in the short too, so really, his fingerprints are all over the Toy Story universe!

Additionally, he’s taken other roles within the Pixar realm, having written and co-directed 2012’s Brave and more. 

The future of the franchise

When Toy Story 3 released, it looked as though the narrative which began in the mid-nineties had finally ended, and yet, we’ve recently tucked into Toy Story 4

It looks like there are no plans to helm a fifth right now, but some of the cast and crew have suggested more of the toy-verse is waiting to be explored. 

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