Did you spot Adrian Edmondson in the Summer of Rockets finale? Here’s what the comedy legend and actor has coming up

BBC Two’s Summer of Rockets came to an end last night in typically dramatic fashion.

One thing viewers did not expect to see was just how Richard Shaw (Linus Roache) and Lord Wallington’s (Timothy Spall) sinister coup would be stopped. 

Surprisingly, it was an unexpected comedy cameo from Adrian (Ade) Edmondson who put an end to the preposterous plan. 

What’s Summer of Rockets all about?

Summer of Rockets, which is available to watch now on BBC iPlayer, tells a fascinatingly intriguing story set during the turbulent times of the Cold War.

The series centres on a Russian-born Jewish inventor, Samuel Petrukhin, living and working in Britain. Due to the promise of his latest work, Petrukhin is hired by what is supposedly MI5 but after a series of twists and turns it’s unclear just who he’s been drafted in to work for.

The final episode which aired on June 26th, saw an ambitious coup to topple the British government averted thanks to a rather unexpected cameo from comedy legend Ade Edmondson. 

Plans for the coup are leaked and wind up being made into a surreal comedy sketch featuring Edmondson and Steve Furst which sends the masterminds of the coup, Lord Wallington (Timothy Spall), General Maddox (James Faulkner) and Richard Shaw (Linus Roache), running for the hills. 

What next for Adrian Edmondson?

Despite an impressive and long-running career that has seen Ade Edmondson work alongside comedy great Rik Mayall and appear in a major role in the Star Wars franchise, Edmondson doesn’t have all that much in the pipeline.

Aside from his brief appearance in Summer of Rockets, Edmondson has recently appeared in the BBC soap EastEnders.

However, later this year Ade is set to appear in a starring role alongside Sally Phillips in The Rizen: Possession, a low-budget horror movie set to release at some point this year.

For someone who is credited with writing the revolutionary comedies The Young Ones and Bottom, it’s a shame that Edmondson doesn’t have more work lined up for the foreseeable future.  

However, they’ll always be his extensive array of past works to re-visit and enjoy and his cameo appearance in Summer of Rockets is set to be available to watch at your leisure on BBC iPlayer for the next month.


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