Atlus has released a gorgeous trailer for Persona 5 Royal to reintroduce Ryuji Sakamoto and the fact the Phantom Thieves will now have third tier Personas.

With Persona 5 The Royal fast approaching its October 31 release date in Japan only (the rest of us have to until an unspecified time in 2020), Atlus has released another stylish trailer and this time it focuses on Ryuji Sakamoto and third tier Persona evolutions.

Persona 5 Royal is helmed by the director of Persona 4 Golden, and it’s more than a simple extended cut that fixes absolutely nothing (a.k.a. the Zack Snyder cut for Batman Vs. Superman).

It features a human form for Morgana, improvements that will better your experience as a Phantom Thief, as well as a third tier Persona evolutions.

Stunning new Persona 5 Royal trailer confirms third tier Personas

Atlus has released another trailer for the upcoming Persona 5 Royal, and it’s surely more than enough to convince us all to give up another 100+ hours of our lives that could be better spent exercising and honing talents that don’t involve the PlayStation 4 controller.

The trailer reintroduces Ryuji Sakamoto and I’m not even going to pretend to know what he says as I don’t speak or read Japanese.

However, although the one-on-one conversations mean absolutely nothing to me as of this moment, it’s impossible to not get excited over the visuals.

Ryuji is shown obtaining his third Persona form, William, and he’s also shown performing a slick duo attack with everyone’s favourite creep, Yusuke.

While the confirmation of third tier Persona evolutions is fantastic news, the team-up between Ryuji and Yusuke is the most exciting aspect of the trailer.

It makes me excited to see what other duo attacks will be in the game between the Phantom Thieves and the MC.

You can find the trailer below:

As for other Persona 5 Royal news, Atlus has outright confirmed that it’s a PlayStation 4 exclusive.