Horizon Chase Turbo is one of the free PS Plus games for July 2019 on the PS4, and is it an easy platinum according to its trophy guide?

Despite the mouth-watering predictions that believed Nioh, Watch Dogs, or Celeste would be revealed, Sony yesterday announced that Horizon Chase Turbo and Pro Evolution Soccer are the free PS Plus games for July 2019 on the PlayStation 4. This is admittedly disappointing for people like myself who aren’t head over heels in love with football or racing games, but for the trophy enthusiasts it might present an opportunity to earn another platinum.

Compared to Borderlands The Handsome Collection and Sonic Mania (the free goodies for PS Plus in June 2019), PES and Horizon Chase Turbo are undoubtedly a letdown for those who don’t enjoy either genre. With that being said, fans of FIFA will find PES to be a superior experience thanks to its better gameplay and career mode alternative Master League, meanwhile racing fanatics will enjoy the nostalgia rush Horizon Chase Turbo offers.

And for outsiders it might present an opportunity to attain another platinum trophy.

Horizon Chase Turbo PS4 trophy guide: Is it an easy platinum?

Thanks to its unique and stunning visuals, Horizon Chase Turbo is definitely something PS Plus subscribers should experience in July thanks to its beauty alone.

In addition, it also boasts fun, classic arcade gameplay inspired by the racing game hits of the 80s and 90s.

But is it an easy platinum?

Well, according to the trophy guide from PSN Profiles, the platinum will take about 35 hours to attain and its difficulty ranks at 5/10. The guide notes that its difficulty drops to a 3/10 if mates team up and deploy co-op exploits.

Horizon Chase Turbo consists of 38 trophies on the PS4 and players will need to complete three stages to work towards capturing its platinum.

Stage 1 requires players to complete the main mode of play, the World Tour. This task consists of exploring the game’s world map to visit all 12 hubs to win each race and collect all of the blue coins.

There are 109 races in total.

After completing the World Tour, you will unlock the Tournament and Endurance modes. The Tournament feature is a mode of 4 races where players have to collect the most points to win rather than finish first, meanwhile Endurance is a test of your sanity.

The three types of Endurance races within the game are 12, 36, and 109, and these numbers represent the number of races that need to be finished in at least fifth in a row.

You can save your game and stop playing after any race if you get bored, but your progress will be nulled if you finish any race below fifth place.

Click here to see the full trophy guide if you are at all thinking about the possibility of trying to platinum Horizon Chase Turbo.