The Steam Summer Sale kicked off yesterday but a lot of users were left frustrated thanks to a 502 bad gateway error preventing the store from loading.

Valve’s highly-anticipated Steam Summer Sale was rumoured yesterday to begin at 18:00 BST, and the internet was proven right as a plethora of titles were put up for sale at heavily discounted prices. Unfortunately, many users were unable to access the sale due to the store not loading thanks to a 502 bad gateway error.

The Steam Summer Sale contains dozens of great discounted prices for fantastic games such as Divinity Original Sin 2, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, and Astroneer.

Sadly, a bunch of people were unable to take advantage of these discounts yesterday as the Steam Store simply refused to load.

Steam store not loading! 502 bad gateway error spoils Summer Sale launch

Mere moments after the Steam Summer Sale launched, the people of the internet quickly vented their frustrations on Twitter with gifs, captions, and tweets befitting the fiasco caused by the intrusive 502 and 504 gateway errors.

While the Steam Store not loading was undeniably frustrating, it wasn’t all that surprising because it was simply inevitable that the platform’s website and app would be overrun due to being the most popular online gaming store with incredible discounts.

Fortunately, at least on my end, the error is no longer an issue and the Steam Summer Sale can be accessed easily.

However, if you’re still being kept out of the sale by the world’s least popular bouncers 502 and 504, there – unfortunately – isn’t a fix other than remaining patient and trying to access the store at a later time.

This is by no means ideal, but gamers have plenty of time to take advantage of the sale as it culminates on July 9.

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