There has been talk of Toy Story 4 including an openly gay character, but is it true?

A gay character in Toy Story 4 would certainly come as a surprise to many, but it’s a rumour that has taken flight rather recently.

Pixar has delivered audiences so many cherished feature-films, touching the hearts of families everywhere with such modern classics as Up, Finding Nemo, Inside Out and more. The animation studio boasts such prestige, and projects like Toy Story 4 only reinforce their unparalleled status. It’s one of the most anticipated movie events of the year and is predicted to be a box office smash – a wise assumption. 

However, it could be the franchise instalment to totally surprise audiences in the realm of representation. Disney has done wonders for this across their Marvel output and beyond, but could it strive to do better with its animated output too?

Talk of a gay character in Toy Story 4

So, where do the rumours stem from? 

Back in 2017, NPC reported a tweet from Disney confirming Woody would be openly bisexual. However, it’s actually fake.

Although the story was published a long time ago, it appears to have recirculated recently, causing many to question the legitimacy of the prospect.

Well, after finally getting chance to see Toy Story 4, we can confirm that there is no overtly gay character in Toy Story 4 and Woody is definitely not bisexual in the film either. 

What would it mean?

Some would feel that the film’s target demographic is largely too young to justify exploring sexual identity. Most simply want to have fun with the film and take it at surface value. 

On the other hand, there are definitely many who would consider it a triumph to include a gay character. It would be a monumental step for Disney to take and would prove divisive, but it would perhaps ignite a necessary debate; is diversity important in a film like Toy Story 4?

After all, inclusion is very important in cinema – should this extend to kids movies? 

Toy Story 4 hit cinemas worldwide on Friday, June 21st, 2019.



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