Fans are still desperate for the Justice League Snyder cut release and a recent tweet may offer new hope.

In a world of ambitious, innovative and wondrous superhero output, Justice League exists as a bizarre cornerstone of both misfortune and missed opportunity. 

Many stones were cast at the DCEU‘s answer to Marvel’s The Avengers back in 2017. Zack Snyder has always been a divisive filmmaker, but his biggest – or at least, it was supposed to be – project was largely met with audiences in agreement on one thing; that it was an unfortunate mess. 

Following its unveiling, a great number of fans felt like checking out of the DCEU, but a string of surefire hits in its wake swayed them. Nevertheless, there are those who look back on the disaster, desperate to wade through the rubble in search of the Snyder cut. 

Where is Zack now?

There are a number of factors which damaged Justice League, varying from the clinical to the personal. 

Tragically, Snyder departed from the project during post-production following the heartbreaking death of his daughter. In his absence, reshoots were carried out and the film was resculpted; many feel that the film is a shell of the director’s true vision.

In wake of the theatrical cut, talk of the meatier Snyder Cut caused fans to petition for its release. The fanbase has been remarkably persistent, but still, there are no signs of it. At least Snyder’s back to doing what he does best though, as we’re currently waiting on his intriguing new zombie flick, Army of the Dead

Josh Trank weighs in!

Snyder isn’t the only filmmaker to experience disappointment in the superhero sub-genre. Director Josh Trank expressed his annoyance and regret regarding the theatrical cut of his 2015 blockbuster, Fantastic Four. He felt that the studios had butchered it, and honestly, the disastrous end result of the film cannot be undersold. 

Fans of the titular heroes – and indeed, of Trank – have been vocal in their demands for the appropriately dubbed Trank cut in the past, but there hasn’t been any news on that for some time, until now. 

The director’s forthcoming Al Capone biopic – titled Fonzo – starring Tom Hardy is highly anticipated, but recently he took the time to refer back to the Trank cut in a comedic tweet, of which also throws the Snyder cut into the mix. 


Could this mean anything?

On the surface, it just looks like a bit of fun. However, it establishes an odd sense of solidarity shared by two filmmakers who have arguably been wronged in a startlingly similar fashion. 

At best, it suggests that the two may have spoken recently as a result of common ground. There has been speculation since the tweet that the pair may be joining forces to urge the studios to get their respective cut’s out there – such thoughts sure are optimistic. 

Currently, the tweet stands as a bit of fun. Hopefully, the pair are in fact working to get their films seen in the manner they envisioned.

In the meantime, fans will refuse to consider either of the fully-realised projects as pipe-dreams, and with tweets like this keeping them in the public eye, there is always a glimmer of hope.

If Fonzo and Army of the Dead are successes, then who knows…

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