With news of a sequel, the mysteries of the Halloween 2020 sequel plot are urging us to revise an icon.

Never have the streets – day or night – looked so terrifying. In 1978, John Carpenter unveiled a suburban nightmare the likes of which audiences had ever seen before – it still lingers. 

Today, Halloween is often regarded as the finest slasher film ever made, and much like the film’s iconic antagonist, its legacy is immortal. The eyes of the demonic Michael Myers appear as bottomless, black pits, but is there anything behind them? Beyond the evil? 

Well, as we’ve learnt, studios have plunged into these pits over the decades to resource many sequel opportunities. 

Halloween in 2019

As mentioned, Carpenter’s nightmare reached unsuspecting audiences in 1978 and is yet to disappear from cinemas. 

Annual screenings of the horror classic are commonplace, but since the film’s initial release, the franchise has delivered much more than the tale of one fateful night. 

We have seen numerous sequels, of which vary drastically in terms of quality. We’ve seen Rob Zombie (The Devil’s Rejects) resculpt the series in his 2007 reboot and its 2009 sequel, but most importantly, we’ve seen director David Gordon Green rewrite history. 

In 2018, the simplistically titled Halloween arrived. Its very title suggests a back-to-basics approach, which is exactly what Green’s film offered audiences. Ignoring all sequels, it directly followed up the original film, taking place forty years on from that night. 

Halloween 2 arrives in 2020!

As reported by Empire, a sequel to the 2018 box office hit appears to be in the works.  

A recent tweet from Jason Blum shows that he and franchise icon Jamie Lee Curtis are once again, “…discussing stuff”. 

When reflecting back on the financial fortune of Myers’ most recent return, it was inevitable that a sequel would surface sooner rather than later. The same source notes that production is expected to start this autumn, with an October 2020 release in its sights. 


What do we want from it?

Isn’t that the million-dollar question right now? Many will be thrilled to hear the news, but it’s hard to know what to expect, let alone what we want. 

The previous instalment concluded with Myers’ supposed demise. He was left caged inside Laurie’s home, engulfed by flames and appearing to wait for death. Three generations of the Strode family got away safely, but when we return to the burning basement, he is gone.

Along with the character’s breathing heard post-credits, we can assume that the Strode’s haven’t heard the last from this slasher. 

Wisely, we can expect Myers to return, but will we see Green continue to rewrite history? In terms of the franchise’s new chronology, the film’s villain is still a mystery, so arguably a sequel should serve to explore the character’s mythology in a way we haven’t seen before. 


Explaining Michael

Michael Myers is essentially the boogeyman, capable of appearing and disappearing ever so curiously. 

Halloween (2018) played things straight and outlined the primitive functions of a slasher vehicle, but we definitely don’t want to see the sequel swallow the exact same formula. 

We’ve travelled the safe route and now we’re ready to wind down dangerous and risky terrain. If the ideas are unique enough, it would be great to see the supernatural elements of the character explained; perhaps his demonic origins can be traced back hundreds or maybe even thousands of years.

The emotional core of the project, on the other hand, should centre upon the relationship between daughter, mother and grandmother. 

Michael is no mere man, and maybe the 2020 Halloween sequel could be the bravest instalment of the franchise yet, boasting new and wild ideas. More news is yet to come…

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