Pixar are famed for including references and Easter Eggs in their films but did you spot this surprise appearance from Monsters, Inc.’s Boo?

Toy Story 4 hit cinemas over the weekend and it’s safe to say that, despite reservations about the need for the new film, Pixar have delivered once again with a charming, funny and tear-jerking effort that’s up there with the rest of the franchise.

Alongside characters new and old, Woody, Buzz and the gang team up once again for what surely must be their final round-up.

However, there was a surprise and very brief appearance from a certain Monsters, Inc. character, did you spot them?

Was that Boo?

Yep, you bet it was. In the film’s opening few scenes, we see Bonnie starting her first day of Kindergarten, where she, with the help of Woody, ends up making Forky, the catalyst for the events of the film. 

As it just so happens, in her class there is a young girl wearing pink with dark brown pigtails. Sound familiar?

Well, it should as it’s quite clearly meant to be Boo from 2001’s Monsters, Inc.

Avid Pixar fans will have to be on their toes to spot her brief cameo as she only appears on screen for a second or two in the film itself and can also be seen in the trailer above. 

Other Easter Eggs in Toy Story 4

Pixar are famed for sneaking in Easter Eggs, references and in-jokes into their films and Toy Story 4 is no different.

Luxo ball

A stalwart of Pixar films over the years is the brightly coloured Luxo ball and it does indeed make an appearance in Toy Story 4 but sadly only as a sticker.

When Buzz is strapped to the fence in the carnival arcade game, in the bottom corner we can just catch a glimpse of the iconic star adorning the top of a toy rocket or two.

Duke Caboom

Despite playing a major role in the film itself, Duke Caboom has appeared in a previous Pixar movie.

During the Incredibles 2, you can just pick out a Duke Caboom toy in Jack Jack’s playpen.

Another reference that features the daredevil stuntman is purely thanks to Keanu Reeves, the man responsible for voicing Canada’s greatest stuntman. 

In the final post-credits scene, we see Duke Caboom arrive back on screen and he gives Keanu’s trademarks ‘Woah’ made famous in The Matrix series.

The Shining

Despite Toy Story 4 very much being aimed at Children, there are a few elements to the new film that are taken straight from Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick’s legendary horror movie.

During Woody’s first meeting with Gabby Gabby, we see a record start to play in the antique store. 

As it just so happens, the music that starts to play is Midnight, The Stars and You, which is taken straight out of the soundtrack for The Shining.

Another reference to The Shining comes when Ducky and Bunny are devising their sinister plan to get the keys off the old lady who runs the antique store. We end up seeing the old lady’s house, which is numbered 237, which is a reference to room 237 in the Overlook Hotel in the Shining.

Pizza Planet truck

One of the most famous Pixar references going is the iconic yellow Pizza Planet truck. 

It’s appeared in so many Pixar films since the original Toy Story in 1995 that many cinema-goers are constantly on the lookout for it.

To spot it in Toy Story 4 though, you’ll have to be eagle-eyed as it appears as a tattoo on someone’s leg at the carnival in the final stages of the film.

There are undoubtedly plenty more references in the film that we’ve missed. Have you spotted any that we’ve failed to include?

Toy Story 4 was released in cinemas worldwide on June 21st, 2019.

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