Duke Caboom certainly sounds familiar, but what do we know about this exciting Toy Story 4 addition?

As anticipation grows for Toy Story 4, we’re pleased to announce the exciting arrival of Duke Caboom, Canada’s greatest stuntman. 

We’ve already seen such new additions to the Toy Story universe as Forky teased in the film’s marketing so far, but this fresh face arguably has the most potential. 

If he sounds familiar, it’s because the voice actor’s latest blockbuster has made quite the splash recently. 

The voice of Duke Caboom

Recognise him? That’s because it’s the one-and-only Keanu Reeves

He isn’t exactly known for his voice work, but we’ve been blown away by him in such efforts as The Matrix and the John Wick franchise. 

Here, we have a character as fearless as Mr. Wick himself; or at least that’s what it seems on the surface. It’s revealed that the toy cannot actually perform the tricks featured in his commercial. 

Is it a real toy?

Many of the characters are inspired by classic toys, and although some real brands have appeared – Barbie etc. – this latest newcomer is an original. 

Since 1995’s Toy Story, Woody and Buzz dolls – and the rest of the gang – have become household names in the toy industry. We expect the same will happen here. 

Duke Caboom is loosely based on the stuntman Evel Knievel. The new toy arrival is based on a Candian daredevil from the seventies, rather than the US version, Knievel. He’s sure to be on every young boy’s Christmas list this year…

Can you buy Duke Caboom?

“I want one” is a demand parents have heard ever since Toy Story first hit cinemas, and thousands are sure to hear it again when Duke Caboom is introduced. 

Fortunately, you’ll be able to buy one of the action figures yourself!

The toy is available in different variations, with the doll, launcher, ramp etc. available to purchase. 

In case you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, Toy Story 4 is released worldwide today!! 


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