Throwback to First Dates 2013 and opinions on splitting the bill were very different

First Dates - Channel 4

As First Dates 2019 comes to a close we throwback to the first-ever series six years ago.

First Dates season 12 was wrapped up with an online debate about feminism and who should pay the bill.

Matthew and Lisa were the catalyst to the heated social media discussions as their date was marred by Lisa's persistence on discussing the topic of feminism, which her date felt was too serious for casual dinner chat.

The date ended in disaster as they decided not to meet up again, with Lisa pointing towards her date for "not understanding her views".

However, those at home were quick to jump on Lisa for her feminism-themed date as the night ended with Matthew paying the full bill. 

We've seen Going Dutch 50/50 splits and the full bill paid by both the men and women in 2019. But what was it like in First Dates season 1 back in 2013?

Throwback to First Dates season 1

The first episode of First Dates aired on June 20th, 2013.

While there were many differences to the show, including a very young-looking Fred Sirieix, the issue of the bill brought up the same conflict as in 2019.

The first-ever couple to feature on the Channel 4 dating series split the bill right down the middle, with Tasmin taking the lead and offering to go halves.

A good start...

Social media was very different

The 2019 series has regularly seen viewers calling out daters who didn't offer to split the bill.

For instance in Lisa's case, people felt that she was a hypocrite for not splitting the cost despite strong feminism views fed into the dinner conversation.

Yet throw back to 2013 and people were shocked and horrified when a woman offered to split the bill!

All Tweets are from 2013.

The type of men...

But what has changed the most since 2013 is the type of men on who appeared on the Channel 4 dating show.

Here we have DJ ‘Terry Turbo’ of series 1, talking about his date and what she was wearing.

Prepare to cringe.

First Dates - Channel 4

First Dates - Channel 4

First Dates - Channel 4

Terry went on to a quip a selection of toe-curling one-liners, mentioning the “250 plus” girls he had slept with along with comments on his favourite holiday destination, Faliraki.

Can you get any more 2k13 than a lads holiday to Faliraki.

Thank god for 2019 and a First Dates series that is much more reflective of our current political and social climate.


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