Year of the Rabbit currently airs on Channel 4 every Monday night at 10 pm.

The new Channel 4 series follows Detective Inspector Rabbit (Matt Berry) on his wacky, wild, and often alcohol-fuelled adventures solving crimes alongside his partner Strauss (Freddie Fox) and England’s first female law enforcer Mabel Wisbech (Susan Wokoma).

But just where have they filmed the series to capture the authentic Victorian essence of 1887 London?

Read on to find out all about the filming locations they used for the new comedy series.

Where did they film Year of the Rabbit?

To attain the image of Victorian London, the production landed in Chatham, Kent.

The Kent Filming Association identified the main location used as the Historic Dockyard in Chatham, which has been used by numerous other productions before such as Summer Of Rockets and the 2018 film Holmes and Watson starring John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell!

The Kent Filming Association said “the location offers Georgian and Victorian buildings and authentic cobbled streets” making it the prime choice for a show like Year of the Rabbit.

It is where all the action on the street – of which there is plenty – takes place.

Where else did they film on the show?

They also used a variety of locations across the country’s capital and old East End of London.

Although there are also slightly larger and grander locations such as Princess Juliana of Bulgaria’s estate (played by Sally Philips).

But for the most part they remained at the Historic Dockyard.

How to watch Year of the Rabbit

There are six 30-minute episodes in this first series.

The show began broadcast on Monday, June 10th at 10 pm on Channel 4 but is also being broadcast simultaneously in America!

It is being shown on IFC in the United States, an independent channel owned by AMC.


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