Toy Story 4 is heading to cinemas this week but are our favourite toys coming to the McDonald’s Happy Meal as well?

With Toy Story 4 heading its way into cinemas this week, unsurprisingly, marketing for the film has ramped up to its usual insane levels.

Quite often with films like this, a certain fast-food chain brings out a range of toys to give out with its children’s meals. 

And, as expected McDonald’s has done just that, with a range of Toy Story 4 themed toys coming to the iconic Happy Meal… but not in the UK. 

Toy Story 4 coming to McDonald’s

As expected McDonald’s are indeed bringing out a range of Toy Story 4 toys to coincide with the release of the new film.

A whole new range of toys have been released for customers of the fast-food chain to collect. 

In the advert above we can see toys of Woody, Buzz and Jessie and Bo Peep of course. 

But there are new additions to the film’s cast who are getting new toys as well including Forky, Duke Caboom and the new villain Gabby Gabby.

However, not for those of us in the UK.

What does the UK get instead?

Instead, those of us in the UK are treated to something very different.

Rather than a range of Toy Story toys to enjoy we’ve got a range of toys from The Secret Life of Pets 2 to endure, oh joy.


The range of toys from the Secret Life of Pets 2 is set to stay as part of the McDonald’s Happy Meal until July 2nd meaning it’s highly unlikely the Toy Story toys will make their way over here after that.

It’s a shame as almost every child under the sun would prefer Toy Story toys thanks to the iconic nature of them but there’s not much we can do, unfortunately. 

In the meantime, Toy Story 4 is making its way into cinemas on Friday, June 21st, 2019.


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