Square Enix has discussed the release date, boss fights, and Roxas’ role for Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:MIND DLC.

Despite having waited more than a decade for Square Enix and Disney to finally release Kingdom Hearts 3, Sora’s numerically third adventure went by in the blink of an eye with gamers having swiftly moved onto other releases following its late January release date. However, although Sora’s return was underwhelming, the prospect of fighting new bosses and playing as Roxas might be enough to convince players to return to the melodramatic soap opera.

Kingdom Hearts 3 kicked 2019 off with a bang alongside Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Remake, and series creator and director Tetsuya Nomura quickly announced after its launch that there would be free and paid for DLC in the future.

In keeping with Kingdom Hearts tradition, this foreseen DLC has a terrible name but the contents are exciting.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:MIND DLC: Nomura talks release date, boss fights, and Roxas

Square Enix showed off an awkward and confusing trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3‘s Re:MIND DLC at their E3 2019 showcase, and Tetsuya Nomura swiftly expanded on this reveal in an interview with Famitsu.

Through titbits translated by Gematsu, we know Square Enix will sell Sora’s Oathkeeper Keyblade and new form for free when the Re:MIND DLC eventually launches.

The Re:MIND DLC will consist of an Additional Scenario, a Limit Cut episode with bosses, and a Secret Episode.

As for how many bosses will be included in the Limit Cut, Square Enix is aiming for the same amount as Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix.

Nomura also confirmed that players will get the opportunity to control Roxas and that the Additional Scenario is a standalone plot that can be easily played after clearing the main story.

Although Nomura didn’t announce a specific Winter release date, he did share that Square Enix wants to release Re:MIND into the world as soon as possible to avoid being too close to the company’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake (which is scheduled to launch March 3, 2020).

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