The release date for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has been revealed, but – instead of a mobile game – what players truly crave is an open-world RPG.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an iOS and Android title with many similarities to the fiasco that was Pokémon Go, and its fast-approaching launch is somewhat underwhelming because the Hogwarts game everyone truly wants is an open-world RPG for current and next-gen consoles and PC.

Wizards Unite is a mobile experience that has players take down magical beasts with spells as part of the Statue of Secrecy Task Force, and you simply need to envision Pokémon Go to get a sense of how it works without watching any gameplay.

A mobile Harry Potter game is a disappointing waste of the source material on paper, but gamers might be rewarded to an open-world Harry Potter RPG in the near future.

Is Harry Potter getting an open-world RPG in addition to Wizards Unite?

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is something for J.K. Rowling’s biggest fanatics to look forward to this Friday, but – for everyone else – the real potential with the source material lies in a AAA open-world RPG.

Although Chamber Of Secrets and Half-Blood Prince weren’t well-constructed video games, they were two of the movie series’ greatest adaptations because of how they let players freely explore everything Hogwarts has to offer.

And this is what Harry Potter fans want from a video game, in addition to RPG mechanics such as choices, skills, classes, and character customisation.

This is the ultimate dream for gamers who adore the Harry Potter universe as well as people who don’t even like the movies.

So, it’s exciting to hear that this is what we could all be treated to in the near future.

Blurry footage of the in-development title was captured and shared on Reddit and YouTube before being taken down by Warner Bros., and BBC reporter Lizo Mzimba tweeted that the much desired RPG could be called Harry Potter Magic Awakened or Magic Forever.

The rumours suggest that it’ll be an open-world RPG with eight different classes to choose from, and it’ll also be a title aching to Mass Effect and Fable with players being able to decide if they want to destroy the Sith or join it (sorry, wrong license).

Rocksteady were said to be the ones developing the game, but Eurogamer quickly squashed this rumour with an inside source.

As for when this clamoured for but not confirmed game will be released, a huge leak pertaining to the PS5 claimed that it will launch in Fall 2020.

Here’s hoping this is all true so everyone can get their dream Harry Potter video game.

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