Channel 4’s Year of the Rabbit continued last night with another hilarious episode but who was the actor behind Murky John?

Year of the Rabbit continued last night with a fantastically funny second episode that saw Matt Berry’s Inspector Rabbit crack another murderous case.

In the process, Rabbit and trusty sidekick Strauss come across a suspiciously smelly character by the name of Murky John, a sewer scavenger with information for the Inspector.

But just who plays this toothless tosher?

What’s Year of the Rabbit all about?

Year of the Rabbit is a period murder mystery filled with plenty of Matt Berry’s signature comedy.

This week’s second episode continued the misadventures of Detective Inspector Rabbit and his victorian crime-fighting partners of Strauss (Freddie Fox) and Mabel Wisbech (Susan Wokoma) as they chased down the notorious Brick Man, a mysterious killer, who many believed to be little more than a myth.

Meanwhile, the sinister plotting of Keeley Hawes’ Lydia, a female Moriarty almost, continued to simmer on the sidelines but we can be sure to see more of that manifest itself in the coming weeks.

Who is Murky John and who played him?

While chasing one of the few leads they have, Inspector Rabbit and the inexperienced Strauss follow the trail down into the London sewers where they come across Murky John.

Murky John has perhaps the most unpleasant job known to man, a tosher. Toshers would scavenge the sewer system looking for valuables in quite possibly the most horrific work environment imaginable. 

He plays a crucial role in the episode, much like Merrick – the elephant man – in last week’s episode and points Rabbit in the right direction to solve the case.

Murky John is played by Peter-Hugo Daly. As an actor, he’s not quite had the most prominent of careers but has made appearances in the likes of Made in Dagenham, Foyle’s War, The Bill and The Sarah Jane Adventures to name a few.

Daly’s appearance is almost unrecognisable thanks to the brilliant work in the show’s make-up department, not least for getting rid of most of his teeth.

Series one of Year of the Rabbit continues on Mondays at 10pm on Channel 4, or you can catch up on the first two episodes now on All 4.



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