Heinz’s new Ketchup ad is a work of genius but how did the Ed Sheeran commercial come about?

Ed Sheeran’s love affair for the world-famous red sauce has been well documented over the years.

Now, Ed Sheeran has been given the role of a lifetime as he stars in the brand new Heinz ketchup advert, inspired by his own experiences.

But how did Ed Sheeran end up in a ketchup ad? To find out the answer we’ve got to look back at where this journey began.

Ed Sheeran’s love affair with Ketchup

Ever since Ed Sheeran’s rise to fame in the early 2010s, the ginger singer has always had a love affair with Heinz Tomato Ketchup.

One of the earliest signs of this was the adorable but bizarre Ketchup tattoo that Sheeran got on his arm. 

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In 2013, clearly aware of his love for their iconic condiments, Heinz sent Sheeran a gift basket containing nothing but bottles of Ed’s beloved Ketchup.

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Fast-forward to 2018 and we learned that no matter where Ed Sheeran goes, one of his entourage will always carry a bottle or two of the sauce in case of emergency.

Sheeran’s devotion to Heinz’s Tomato Ketchup clearly hasn’t gone unnoticed by the condiment company. As recently as this month, Heinz have released a specially labelled line of their sauce known as ‘Tomato Edchup’ to hit store shelves in tandem with the brilliant new ad.

On the subject of which…

How the Ed Sheeran Ketchup ad came about

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Back in April 2019, Sheeran posted the image above on Instagram, pitching the potential of a Sheeran-Heinz collaboration and thus the idea for Ed’s Heinz Ad was born.

Two months later and the newly released advert is upon us. It sees Ed Sheeran dining at a ‘super posh’ restaurant that would never allow Ketchup to tarnish its immaculate food and yet we see Ed lavishly topping his exquisite meal with the Heinz sauce and leaving the staff and customers at this ‘super posh’ restaurant agast at the sight.



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