Toy Story 4 arrives in cinemas on June 21 because Disney just couldn’t let it die, but will there also be a video game for PS4?

As if you didn’t already know, there’s a Toy Story 4 coming to cinemas and it features the internet’s latest obsession, Keanu Reeves. While the prospect of seeing another movie doesn’t make me want to rush to the theatre, the hypothetical inclusion of a video game adaptation for PlayStation 4 is something that gets me very excited.

Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and all the other Toy Story characters brought to life by some wicked curse aren’t strangers to the video game medium as they’ve all starred in some excellent and underappreciated titles.

And this is why there should be a Toy Story 4 video game for PS4 and Xbox One.

Is there a Toy Story 4 video game for PS4? There should be!

In addition to casting Brie Larson as Captain Marvel and remaking their entire 2D filmography with the likes of Beauty And The Beast and Aladdin, Disney has made another massive mistake.

Toy Story should’ve remained dead and buried, but Disney should’ve also given us a Toy Story 4 video game if they were so stubborn on bringing Woody and Buzz back from the company’s depths of Hell.

Although movie-licensed video games have an ugly history, the Toy Story adaptations and spin-offs always ranged from neat to stupendous.

The Toy Story characters were last seen in the disappointing Kingdom Hearts 3 where their world was presented as this uncanny valley nightmare in which Buzz Lightyear was aching to a depressed emo.

However, away from Square Enix’s convoluted soap opera, the last great Toy Story game was an adaptation of the third instalment. And it was truly amazing.

Aside from playing levels inspired by the movie and other video games such as Metal Gear Solid, the highlight of Toy Story 3 was undoubtedly the Toy Box Mode.

This was an open-world playground where gamers could create their own wild west, find collectibles, and explore unique areas such as a haunted mansion to earn rewards. Of course, this was when you weren’t busy throwing the millions of escaped bandits with curly moustaches back into jail.

Not only did this mode add longevity, it also marked an occasion where you legitimately felt like Andy; it made you experience the same joy and God-like superiority you felt when you were a ten-year-old kid smashing wrestling figures together.

And Toy Story 3 isn’t the movie series’ only good video game adaptation.

Toy Story Mania was an excellent assortment of mini-games for the Wii, Toy Story Racer was Buzz and Woody’s shameless but excellent copy of Mario Kart, and Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear To The Rescue was one of the PS1’s greatest and most underappreciated video games.

Disney hasn’t said anything about a Toy Story 4 video game, and this is disappointing news thanks to the series having been blessed with so many good adaptations. But, at least Disney is giving us an Avengers A-Day title that will no doubt cause a civil war amongst gamers.