Is Maneater coming to PS4 and Xbox One? Everything you need to know

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All you need to know about whether or not the Maneater video game is coming to the sandy beaches of PS4 and Xbox One.

Maneater is this oddly amazing upcoming RPG that enables gamers to live their dream of playing the shark from Steven Spielberg's best movie to date, Jaws. But is it coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?

First announced at E3 2018, Maneater has been described by Tom's Guide as a Grand Theft Auto-lite RPG where players control a Bull Shark rather than criminals.

And gamers are head over heels with the notion of becoming the beast that terrorises beaches by munching on the legs of scantily clothed women.

Unfortunately, PS4 and Xbox One gamers are likely to miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime.

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Is Maneater coming to PS4 and Xbox One?

Maneater is developed by Blindside studios and published by Tripwire Interactive, and it was shown off some more at E3 2019 with a brand new trailer.

The E3 2019 trailer establishes the game's narrative by introducing Scaly Pete; a wildlife reality television show host who loathes Sharks because one killed his daddy.

In a somewhat bizarre turn of events, Maneater makes you the protagonist while devouring countless innocent civilians, meanwhile Scaly Pete is positioned as the antagonist simply due to his resentment and the fact he wants to spoil your fun.

Think of it as Bully but underwater and with sharks and fishermen.

Blindside's oddly appealing video game sounds like an enjoyable escape from the mundane confines of reality, but - unfortunately - it's a distraction for PC gamers only.

Maneater isn't announced for PS4 or Xbox One, yet PC gamers shouldn't laugh in the faces of console peasants as the title's official FAQ page notes that it'll be an Epic Games store exclusive for a year.

The Jaws RPG is set to release sometime in 2019, meaning Steam and other PC platforms won't see its arrival until 2020.

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