Brand new BBC series Gentleman Jack has proved a popular hit since launching in mid-May.

When it comes to historical dramas, you would wisely consider the BBC as the godfather of the period genre.

Their latest venture is Gentleman Jack, which unravels the collected diaries of Anne Lister, who famously collated over four million words that documented a lifetime of secret lesbian relationships.

Fans are gripped and hooked by the series, begging for not only more episodes but a second series. Here’s everything you need to know about the future of Gentleman Jack.

How to watch Gentleman Jack

The series airs every Sunday night on BBC One.

Each episode broadcasts at 9 pm and lasts for 60 minutes.

Fortunately, should you miss any episodes then you can catch up with the series via the official BBC media player, BBC iPlayer.

How many episodes are there in the series?


Gentleman Jack will come to a close on Sunday, July 8th.

As always, the final episode will air on BBC One at 9 pm.

What happens in the final few episodes?

The series already concluded in the USA having aired on HBO at an early date. There’s lots of spoilers out there… but don’t worry none are in this article.

However, it would be wise to prepare for intense goosebumps and fluttering butterflies as the season finale ends in spectacularly romantic style.

Lesbian romance is given the spotlight it deserves as Gentleman Jack has its final curtain drawn in epic style. But, there are some difficult moments to overcome not only for Anne but the audiences in the episodes prior to the the finale.

Will there be a Gentleman Jack season 2?


A season 2 of Gentleman is not only ‘on the cards’ but it has been 100% confirmed.

Although a start date for the next instalment of the series has not been confirmed, the earliest we could expect Gentleman Jack series 2 would be May 2020.

It’s likely that the next series will focus on Anne’s extensive travel before she died of fever at the age of 49 in Georgia, as she and Ann Walker travelled through Eastern Europe and Russia.


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