The Texas 7 are some of the most notorious criminals in US history but what happened to them?

Susanna Reid’s new series Death Row: Countdown to Execution aired on ITV last night and shone some fresh light on the case of Patrick Murphy and his involvement with the notorious Texas 7.

The hour-long programme sees Reid and Murphy in an extensive interview that delves into the details of his involvement with the Texas 7 and his impending execution.

But just what happened to the Texas 7 and how did they become such notorious figures in American crime history?

Who are the Texas 7 and what did they do?

The Texas 7 were a group of inmates at the John B. Connolly maximum security prison.

On December 13, 2000, the seven inmates managed to subdue several workers and guards at the prison before mounting an ambitious escape, which became one of the highest-profile mass-breakouts in US history.

All seven of the inmates had committed violent crimes in order to end up in prison in the first place, whether that be multiple violent robberies or hiring someone to kill their wife.

In the weeks that followed their escape, the Texas 7 committed a string of robberies as they needed money. 

On December 24, 2000, several members of the notorious group robbed a sporting goods store, which also contained firearms and ammunition.

The police officer who first arrived at the scene, Aubrey Hawkins, was viciously murdered by one member of the gang who shot Hawkins 11 times before running over his body as they drove away.

What happened to the Texas 7?

The following month, the Texas 7 were part of a feature on America’s Most Wanted and the police received a large number of tip-offs about the gang’s whereabouts.

Six members of the group were rounded up and arrested over the coming weeks and months while the seventh, Larry Harper committed suicide on January 22, 2001, in order to avoid capture by the police.

In the years that have followed, all but two remaining members of the Texas 7 have been executed.

Michael Rodriguez was executed on August 14, 2008.

George Rivas was executed on February 29, 2012.

Donald Newbury was executed on February 4, 2015.

James Garcia was executed on December 4, 2018.

The two remaining survivors are Randy Halprin and Patrick Murphy who are both awaiting execution.

Murphy, who was the subject of Susanna Reid’s programme, was scheduled to be executed on March 28, 2019, but was given a last-minute reprieve as his request to have a Buddhist priest present for his execution was not fulfilled.

Death Row: Countdown to Execution is available to watch now on ITV Hub