PS4 gamers have been slapped in the face by error code WS-37403-7, but has Sony fixed the issue and can players now sign back into the PlayStation Network?

The entire PlayStation 4 community in the UK almost had heart attacks last night due to the torture of not being able to sign into the PlayStation Network for over three hours. But has Sony galloped to the rescue by fixing error code WS-37403-7, and can gamers now play the likes of Fortnite and Overwatch online?

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is a great console with a plethora of brilliant exclusives, but it has a boatload of flaws and the PlayStation Network isn’t always the most reliable service.

Error WS-37403-7 was a disgusting taste of what life would be like without online services and Battle Royale games, but – fortunately – everything seems to be back to normal.

Has Sony fixed PS4 error code WS-37403-7? How to sign into PlayStation Network

PlayStation 4 gamers were treated yesterday to the ugly mug of error code WS-37403-7, and Sony were bombarded with enough complaints to address the issue over on Twitter.

The official Ask PlayStation UK Twitter account responded to a tweet containing the error code by declaring they’re looking into the matter.

Although I josh about people not being able to play Fortnite and Overwatch online for a couple of hours, the error last night was admittedly more concerning as some users weren’t able to load any apps or games, and others were told that they had no PS Plus membership.

However, while the prospect of not being able to access your magnificent library of PS Plus free games was terrifying, everything is seemingly now back to normal and players can now sign back into the PlayStation Network.

The PlayStation Network status page notes that everything is minty green rather than hellish red or amber, meaning everything related to PSN should be running normally.

So, to sign in, all you’ll need to do is simply turn on your PlayStation 4 system, or manually log onto the network if your console doesn’t do it automatically.

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