Fortnite Horde Rush LTM is no longer disabled! How much longer will the challenges last?

Fortnite Horde Rush

Epic Games' Horde Rush LTM is no longer disabled, and Battle Royale participants will be glad to know the duration of the challenges have been extended.

Fortnite update v9.21 was supposed to mark the arrival of a limited time mode called Horde Rush, but the feature was quickly disabled after Epic Games discovered some "issues".

Thankfully, the issues have been resolved and Horde Rush LTM is no longer disabled.

Epic Games promised they would follow-up the disabled announcement with a swift update, and they certainly delivered by announcing the mode's comeback and that the challenges will be extended for an additional 48 hours.

Original Story:

Epic Games recently released the patch notes for Fortnite update v9.21, and one of the most exciting features was the LTM Horde Rush. The mode arrived yesterday, but it was quickly disabled leaving players wondering why and when it'll be back to enjoy.

The v9.21 update for Fortnite included a plethora of unique weapons and items such as the Proximity Grenade launcher, yet the most attractive inclusion was the Horde Rush LTM that would team players into groups of four.

Players were understandably vexed by the promised new mode being disabled, and they are currently keen to know why it was removed and when it will be back.


Why has Epic Games disabled Fortnite Horde Rush LTM? When will it be back?

The Fortnite Horde Rush LTM was given to players yesterday, but it was swiftly disabled by Epic Games.

As you'd expect, the abrupt disconnect led some thirsty people to express their frustrations on Twitter in the hope of attaining a bunch of RTs.

Users are still wondering where the LTM is, and a bunch of players are asking Epic Games to extend the mode's duration due to it having been offline.

For everyone wondering why Horde Rush was disabled, Epic Games hasn't been particularly helpful.

The developer simply tweeted yesterday that "an issue" had resulted in them temporarily swapping it for One Shot Duos.

And as for when it'll be back, the developer was again vague as they merely noted that an update will be provided and that challenges will be adjusted to compensate for the fiasco.

The Horde Rush challenges and rewards are still live, and they will be available to complete once the LTM is available to play again.

Horde Rush has 7 challenges to complete to unlock the Fiend animated wrap, and you can find the tasks below:

  • Eliminate members of the Horde with headshots (500)
  • Eliminate Poison Fiends or Exploding Brutes from at least 5m away (20)
  • Collect score multipliers (10)
  • Damage spawn Obelisks (5,000)
  • Work together with your squad to eliminate Gold Brutes (5)
  • Win a match without being eliminated (1)
  • Stage 1 of 4: Win with a team score of at least 50,000

Expect Epic Games to provide an update on Fortnite's Horde Rush LTM soon.

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