The Shaft franchise is back but does the series’ original actor make a return?

After an absence of 19 years, the Shaft series is set to return to our screens.

2019’s instalment in the Shaft franchise will be the fifth in total and sees the baton passed to a third generation.

But where is John Shaft’s original actor, Richard Roundtree, now and does he make an appearance in Shaft 2019?

What has Richard Roundtree been up to?

Roundtree’s first-ever movie appearance came in the very original Shaft movie way back in 1971. 

Since then he’s gone on to appear in over 70 films including reprising his starring role in the second and third Shaft movies in 1972 and 1973 as well as a Shaft TV series that ran for one season. He also returned to feature alongside Samuel L. Jackson in the 2000 Shaft reboot/sequel. 

Besides the Shaft series, Roundtree’s most notable film appearances have come in the not-so-successful Speed Racer (2007), Rian Johnson’s debut film Brick and alongside Morgan Freeman in Se7en.

It’s fairly safe to say that Roundtree is definitely best remembered for his role as Private investigator John Shaft though.

Will he be back for 2019’s Shaft?

While Richard Roundtree was the spearhead of the first three Shaft movies, in 2000’s reboot, he became a side character as Samuel L. Jackson’s John Shaft II, the nephew of the original Shaft, took the reigns.

Now though, Roundtree is back and reprises his role as John Shaft once again but this part as part of a Shaft trio, linking up once again with Samuel L. Jackson and series newcomer Jessie Usher who’s taking on the role of Shaft II’s son, John ‘JJ’ Shaft Jr.

You would have thought they could come up with a different name other than John Shaft by now.

Regardless of that, Shaft (2019) hits cinemas on June 14th for readers in the US and will be coming to Netflix for the rest of us on June 28th, 2019.