Since it kicked off on Tuesday, May 28th, The Planets has taken viewers on a journey into the past of our mysterious solar system. So where was The Planets filmed?

From destructive meteor showers to planet formation, the BBC 2 series details the history through spectacular reconstructions involving a little CGI magic and some amazing locations here on planet Earth.

But just where was The Planets filmed?

Here is everything you need to know about the locations used to recreate this amazing universal history.

Where was The Planets filmed?

Being on location was essential for The Planets to have a sense of realism.

Series producer Gideon Bradshaw said:

We wanted to go beyond just seeing the planets from space. We wanted to land – and place our cameras on the surface.

And they did so through some rather clever use of location… Here is where they filmed The Planets on Earth.


Jordan’s Wadi Rum became the surface of Mars when they recreated the Curiosity Mars Rover sequence in episode 2 (Tuesday, June 4th).

This vast expanse of desert already has an otherworldly feeling to it, so there was little work needed to be done!

Series director Stephen Cooter said: “There were times while we were filming I felt like we really could be standing on the surface of Mars”.

So, pretty epic!


Iceland was used multiple times throughout filming. Its barren icy landscapes are no strangers to the world of film and television, half of Game of Throneswas filmed there!

Iceland’s major waterfalls Dettifoss and Godafoss provided the close-ups for the creation of Echus Chasma on Mars – the largest waterfall in the solar system from 3.7 billion years ago.

But they also used the glaciers and lakes of Iceland to provide the landscapes for Saturn’s moon Enceladus and Pluto.

And the Late Heavy Bombardment sequence from episode 2 was filmed at Vik’s Reynisfjana Beach.


Stromboli, an active volcano off the coast of Sicily became Jupiter’s moon Io – a volcanic spot itself!

This was featured in episode 3 (Tuesday, June 11th) highlighting Jupiter’s importance in the solar system.


This island makes up part of the Spanish Canary Islands off the coast of West Africa, but in The Planets assumes many forms.

Lanzarote becomes the setting for both Venus and Mercury.

It is the magnificent Montaña Colorada which becomes the setting for Mercury four billion years ago, as it was starting to develop.

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