What Elsa’s new dress and these 5 changes mean for Frozen 2

Frozen 2 Elsa's New Purple Dress

Frozen 2 looks like a much darker tale than the original. Is Elsa's new dress a symbol of that?

A second teaser trailer for Frozen 2 was released yesterday and naturally, the hype surrounding the sequel to the most successful animated film ever made has been building exponentially. 

We get slightly better glimpses of Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Kristoff but are none-the-wiser about the plot of the actual film itself really. Disney are definitely using the same trailer techniques they've been perfecting for the Avengers and Star Wars movies.

However, there are a number of changes we can see in the Frozen 2 trailer that could play a crucial role in the events of the film itself.

Since 2013, a lot has changed and that's certainly proving to be the case with Frozen 2 as well.

Elsa's new dress

One of the main things fans have noticed from the new Frozen trailer is that in some scenes Elsa, famed for wearing light blue outfits for the majority of her screen time, has a new purple dress.

There's probably little to read into this other than it symbolises her being Queen of Arendelle as the colour purple is often associated with royalty.

Darker tone

Frozen 2 Elsa On Island

Something that has definitely taken us by surprise is the much darker tone that the trailers are showing off.

From the music, to what we're seeing on screen, this looks a lot less happy than your typical Disney film.

It's worth remembering that the first film was also dark in moments, especially if you look at the film purely from the perspective of Elsa.

So it's quite likely that Anna could well have that joyful spark dimmed a little in this film too as Arendelle encounters a new threat. 

Leaving Arendelle

We don't get much indication of the antagonist in Frozen 2 but whatever this new mysterious threat is, it appears that it's going to require our heroes to venture out and meet it head-on, sending them on a whole new adventure to regions previously unseen.

Elsa having more control over her powers

A lot of the story of the original Frozen revolved heavily around Elsa and her struggle to control her icy powers.

One thing the sequel won't have to worry about is that very aspect as in the intervening years, we'd hope that she's been able to master the magic to a better degree.

It's certainly looking likely as we see Elsa summon several hundred icy crystals with mysterious symbols on them in both trailers released for the film so far.

Frozen 2 Elsa Singing Let It Go 2

More mythology

While it's not confirmed, there's a strong belief that Arendelle is a fictional kingdom somewhere in Scandinavia, as a result, the first Frozen featured plenty of Norse mythology and that only looks like increasing in the sequel.

From the reappearance of the original film's Rock Trolls, to huge Stone Giants and a mysterious Water Horse, there are certainly plenty of inspirations the film is making use of.

Nothing actually being frozen

Arguably the biggest plot point in the first film was Elsa freezing the whole kingdom in a fit of rage as she fled into the mountains.

This led Anna to venture out after her sister in the freezing snow.

What's noticeable in the trailers for the sequel, however, is that nothing is actually frozen, except the snow on the tips of mountains.

Perhaps it's a result of Elsa controlling her powers to a greater degree of maybe global warming has found its way into the world of Frozen as well.

Frozen 2 The Whole Crew

Either way, we'll find out just what all of this means and finally get answers to why this film look so dark when it swoops into cinemas on November 22, 2019.



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